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I wanted to bring something to your attention: you are very likely listening to this on a flash briefing, which is what all of these episodes are optimized for. I’ve been looking a little bit more into that whole (Amazon Flash Briefing) ecosystem.

Getting into Amazon’s Flash Briefings

Personally, I’ve used flash briefings on the Amazon Echo for about a year. I’ve had my echo for maybe about two years and just discovered flash briefings about a year ago, and it’s really become a part of my daily routine.

So as I started to record these podcasts, I want to make sure that we got into the flash briefing ecosystems that people get this daily briefing on a daily basis through their Echo.

amazon alexa flash briefings

A Few Important Numbers on Flash Briefings

I’ve been looking into how many flash briefings there are, and it’s actually very surprising. As of right now, when I’m recording this, there are 7,632 flash briefings. That’s it.

Now, 20 million Echoes have been sold and that was as of like a year ago, right?

So that was at the tail end of 2017. I don’t have the data right now that tells me how many were sold in 2018 or how many are going to be sold during the Christmas and holiday season of 2018, but if 2017 is any gauge of what’s going to happen this year, they’re going to sell more in 2018 than they did in 2017.

They sold more in 2017 than 2016 so the number is probably going to be exceeding around 30 million actual Amazon Echo devices.

If you are thinking about putting out some sort of podcast or audio content like this, you should really think about flash briefings.

how many flash briefings are there?

Why You Need to Get In Now

A lot of the people that are “in the know” when it comes to digital marketing are talking about how AI and voice are the future of content. Right now is the opportunity.

It’s a greenfield opportunity, especially when it comes to flash briefings because we’ve got 20 maybe 30 million of these (Amazon devices) out in the wild

People are using flash briefings, but there’s only 7,632 flash briefings that are actually published, and out of those, only a subset are active.

So it seems like a really great opportunity to jump onto something that is building momentum early on. You can be a front runner in your industry just by looking into flash briefings. Check it out.  

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