Empowering Your Team

Empower your team

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The thing I want to talk about today is empowering your team.

The reason that’s important is because as you grow your company, you cannot physically take care of everything in the company. When I hired my first employee, it was the biggest decision that I’ve made in business to date.

Hiring that first employee meant so much to me because I was doubling the capacity of the company, but I had to make sure that it was someone that I trusted, that I could give work to. She could do it, and she didn’t let me down at all.

But the thing was I had to empower her in order to take the task that I gave to her and do it. You cannot micromanage your people.

empower your team

Why I’m No Longer In Operations

At this point we’re at about 10 people, and we’ve got a lot of different roles. One of the things that I find so valuable is that I don’t have to be involved in all of the work.

As a matter of fact, I’m at the point where I’m really not involved in operations at all. So my role in the company is to take care of basically everything, keep the lights on, make sure there’s no huge problems. But when I say everything, I just mean high level stuff, legal contracts.

I do a lot of business development. I bring business in and then I hand it off to the operations team. So while I don’t do anything in operations now, I may have a lot of input. I may have some creative direction that I give to the team for us, for clients.

Empowering Your Team Enables Growth

I’m certainly very involved in our marketing, but I’m not the one that is turning knobs and pulling levers. That’s the team. They’re doing the operations and I don’t get involved at all.

So I’ve empowered them to just do it. And I think it’s super important that once you become bigger than one person, you have to empower your team.

You just cannot do it all. And if you try to do it all, you’re going to fail in one way or another. Either it’s not going to work out or you’re not going to scale. You just cannot scale if you try to hold on to everything.

How to Help Your Team Grow Individually

A lot of people will say, “Well, I’m a perfectionist so I’ll do it myself.” That’s the bad answer. That’s a wrong answer. You need to train your folks to do it the way that you want. You need to give them some authority and then you need to back off.

Now, if you’re not happy with the results, that’s a different discussion, right? So if that means that you have to counsel one of your employees or worst case scenario, replace them. It is what it is, but you just cannot do it all yourself.

So I want you to think about empowering your team, giving them the tools they need and backing out of the day to day work. You need to be working on your business, not in your business.

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