Erik Goes to AlexaConf

Erik Goes to AlexaConf

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Last week Erik was out at Alexa Conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which is focused on the future of voice technology in our personal lives and in business.

While he was there, he met up with the folks from Agile Audio Dashboards (AAD) who are focused on helping B2B companies integrate voice into their customer research and so much more. Here is a little snippet from a conversation he had on their podcast.

(AAD – Agile Audio Dashboards & Erik Olson)

AAD: Hey, I’m here with Erik Olson from Virginia, from the Norfolk area. What do you do?

Erik: I run a digital marketing agency named Array Digital.

AAD: Cool. The reason I grabbed Erik out of the crowd is to say we’re showing off this thing called SurveyLine. You’ve heard me talk about for a couple of weeks. It’s now three days old if you can believe that!

Creating Voice Surveys Through Alexa

AAD: But Erik’s one of these guys will walks by and says that looks cool. And it comes back a few hours later and says, “Look at the survey I created.” Are you getting any kind of feedback on the survey?

Erik: I’m getting some really good feedback. So I’ve created four surveys so far. I found out about you guys on Monday, and I went back to my room Monday night where I created two surveys. The first one was really just a proof of concept for my team.

Erik: I asked a couple different questions, used the different question types, and then I took the survey to see what it was like. Then I said, “Hey team, check this out! Use the echo this in the office and say, “Open SurveyLine.” Then say Array Digital and take the quiz and it’s just kind of for fun. It doesn’t mean anything.

Industry Research Using Voice

AAD: And you also created the Netflix Cost survey?

Erik: So yesterday, Linkedin came out with a story talking about how Netflix is increasing their price by about 13% which is like a dollar – a big deal, right? So I responded at first with text and I said, “It’s only a dollar. I’ll pay it. How much would you pay?” And I said, I put that out in the world.

Erik: And then I thought, “Hey, this could be a pretty cool survey.” And then all of a sudden it could highlight the fact that as a digital marketer, I’m kind of on the cutting edge of what’s going on in the industry. Let me use SurveyLine to ask the exact same question. Just let people know that I’m into voice by using SurveyLine alone.

Erik: So I created the survey and I asked basically the same question, maybe one or two other questions, and put it out there. And so for me it was a win win because I was asking the same question, but I was also putting out there in the world that I’m into voice, and if someone’s interested in voice and they need a digital marketer, that I’m the guy. I’m thinking about voice and thinking about the next thing.

AAD: So you do a podcast?

Erik: The podcast is called Marketers Anonymous. It’s also a flash briefing.

AAD: We’ll obviously, it’s a flash briefing. Right? You’re into voice! So real quick, what was your biggest takeaway from the event?

Erik: Well, SurveyLine!

AAD: The was cool! I did not pay him. No money changed hands…. That was pretty cool. I liked that a lot.

Erik: But then also for me, it wasn’t specifically the products or the vendors per se. It was the reinforcement of the idea that I had coming in. That voice was probably going to be the next big thing.

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