Knowing Your Value Proposition

Knowing your value proposition

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You know what I really love? I love selling. I find it so interesting to talk to new clients, new prospects, and really just uncover what it is that they need in the way of growing their business.

How Exactly Do You Help Your Clients?

So this may sound a little self serving for our agency, but it really is true. It’s a thrill actually to sit down with someone who’s just struggling and talk through options with them and really try to uncover what their business is, what they’re doing, what they found works, what they found didn’t work.

Really, a lot of times it turns into kind of a brainstorming session and if we can figure out if we can help them, then it usually becomes really self evident whether we’re a fit or not right after that.

A lot of times it has to do with the size of the company, with the revenue, how committed they are to growing. You know, some of the prospects that contact us, they’re really not that interested in investing in the future. They just have a closed mind as far as what they need.

They think they know exactly what is needed. Like, you know, a client may come to us and say, “Hey, we need a website and that’s it.” And we’ll say, “Well, you know, you’re really trying to sell things. We think you need more than a website. We think you need SEO and social” or whatever our recommendation is.

And they’ll say, “No, I just want you to just code up a website.” That that’s not a fit for us.

Knowing Your Value Proposition

Know Exactly What Your Prospect Needs

We’ve definitely taken a more holistic approach to the problem at hand. And the problem is that they need to leads.

We address that primarily, and then we figured out what tools at our disposal we can deploy to actually fix that problem. For us, it’s digital marketing, which encompasses a lot of different things. For our prospects, it’s always interesting talking to them and understanding their industry, their business, what they’re needs are and whether we can help.

A Banner Day for Array Digital

It just so happened that yesterday we had a banner day. So, I want to kind of brag about it frankly. I was able to close three deals with prospects that I’ve been dealing with for a couple of weeks now. One of them is a very long term client with an increased contract. Then two of them are brand new and it just feels frickin’ awesome.

From many perspectives. One, selfishly, it just felt really good that what we were saying to them and these meetings resonated to the point where they wanted to sign an agreement and formally get started.

But then frankly, it’s just to help them. I mean, so many of these companies that we deal with are just stuck. They don’t understand the tools at their disposal. They don’t understand how media has shifted recently from traditional TV, radio, and print to online.

You’re the Marketer. They’re Not.

I mean, they kind of have an idea about it, but they’re totally lost. It makes sense. It’s not their industry, right? These are companies that are service companies or they sell a product or they’ve been in business for 100 years. They’re focused on something else.

They got different issues to deal with and that’s why they hire us as an agency to take care of the digital marketing. But it’s just awesome to be able to help them and see them get more leads, start to improve their revenue and improve their branding.

It energizes them and energizes their employees and the transformation that we can have some times. I like to think that it’s also the services that we provide as a digital marketing agency and maybe it’s like that for every digital marketing agency. I don’t know because I’m only in one, but it’s just amazing to see this transformation and to think that we’re a part of it.

The Trickle Down Effects of Value Delivered

And then of course the transformation for us is, is just fantastic. The more business that comes in, the more that we can invest in our people. We can hire specializations versus using freelancers are part timers or interns. We can start to take some of these interns that we’ve been grooming and bring them on full time or creating jobs.

It’s exciting, you know? It’s just exciting when things are clicking and you’re growing and you’re able to close leads. Yesterday was just a banner day for us. Three. Like I said, it was a hat trick. It was, it was certainly a record for me, but really for me the biggest thing is that it just validates everything that we’ve done in the last year.

Turning this agency from being focused on software as the primary service to focusing on digital marketing. It was just a matter of taking what we consider to be the primary and turning into the secondary. Software for us now is not the primary service. It’s the secondary service. The primary is what you do with it, what you make of it, and how that impacts your clients.

If you can have an impact, then clients will flock to you. So that’s the key.

Is It Time to Pivot Your Value Proposition?

You have to figure out not just the individual product that you’re going to deliver to them, but how is going to be implemented into their business and the benefits to the business and not just in the here and now, but long term.

If you’re not sure about the value that you bring to your clients, you really need to rethink your business model. If you can’t convince yourself that this is a good purchase, that is something you would buy yourself, you’ve got some hard thinking to do. Now is the time to think about it and come up with a plan.

If you’ve got to turn from one direction to another, now’s the time to pivot. You don’t want to wait another week, month, year, 10 years before you pivot or you’re forced to or you go out of business. Now’s the time.

Take the opportunity to think through what you want to be when you grow up and start growing up.


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