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It’s the day after Christmas, and I did something a little bit interesting, a little bit different yesterday that was not really actually a marketing thing per se. It was Christmas Day, and I decided that I wanted to reach out to everybody and just say thank you to them and merry Christmas.

But I wanted to do it in a little bit of a unique way. So what you see a lot of times is people will get on Facebook, and they’ll post something generic to everyone that could see that post. They’ll basically just say merry Christmas. This happens for every holiday.

It’s just kind of a generic message, and it goes out to everybody. The problem is that a lot of people don’t actually feel like it’s meant for them. It’s not personalized at all.

Holiday Marketing Tip

Getting Personal with Holiday Messages

So I wanted to send out a personalized message to a handful of people that I really wanted to send a message out to. So what I did is on Christmas Day, it was kind of a slow in the afternoon, and I just went outside again. Instead of typing out a text message to these individuals, and there’s probably about 10 or 12 of them, I recorded a video instead from my text messaging app.

With that app I can only record 30 seconds before it cut off automatically. What I did is for every single person I would go to send them a text message, and then I would click the video button. I would record a message, and it basically went something like this.

“Hey, I’m here in Florida. It’s beautiful. I wish you were here with me. It’s a sunny 75 degrees on Christmas day, and I just wanted to send this video to you to wish you a merry Christmas. To let you know that I’m thinking about you.

I appreciate everything that you’ve done for me in the past. I appreciate you being in my life.”

Personal Efforts Get Personal Responses

And I sent that off to, like I said, about a dozen people or so, a lot of close friends, a couple of relatives, a couple of people that I know from the Entrepreneur’s Organization, and even a couple of clients. The feedback was, was amazing.

It was overwhelming frankly. Almost everyone replied back. And interestingly they replied back by text message for the most part because that’s what people are comfortable with but, but they really felt like I took a lot of time and effort to send that message to them in a personalized fashion and, and they literally say, “Thank you for taking the time to do that.”

And I could tell that it meant something. It meant more than just posting on Facebook or posting on Linkedin or posting on Instagram, some sort of image of Christmas or something like that. It was personalized and they understood that it took a little bit of effort. But the reality is it took me 30 seconds. Right?

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It’s Simpler Than It Looks

So like I said before, the text messaging app cut me off at 30 seconds. So for each one of these that I sent, I can only put in about 30 seconds and I didn’t prepare anything. I just talked. And so it was pretty amazing that 30 seconds of work resulted in such a meaningful impact to so many people.

But it was just easy to scale. And it’s definitely something that I’m going to do again. And I would recommend anybody doing something like this because small amount of effort had a really big impact.

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