Setting Business Goals for 2019

Setting Business Goals for 2019

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A couple of days ago I got an email from this system called HARO. It’s H.A.R.O., and it stands for Help a Reporter Out. If you’re not already subscribed, you should definitely check it out!

It’s a really good way if you want to get a little bit of publicity from journalists who are looking for people like me or like you who have something of interest to share with them for an article that they’re writing. So they need subject matter experts and I want to be that subject matter expert.

So I get this email and it says, “What are you going to do in 2019 different from 2018? What is your strategy and what are your goals? What are your financial goals?”

We’ve got a couple of things.

Our Expansion Plan – Outward and Upward

One is we need to expand to different and bigger markets. The Hampton Roads Market of Norfolk, Newport News, Virginia Beach, it’s just not big enough for us. The clients aren’t big enough, there’s just not enough of them.

There’s a lot of competition. And so we need to go elsewhere to bigger markets that are doing better. And so for that reason, we’ve went ahead and we got a small office in Orlando where we have an employee, where we have a client already.

Expanding to Orlando

What are we doing in Orlando? So for starters, we’re going down once a month, every single month, and we’re going to launch Marketers Anonymous, right? So we launched Marketers Anonymous in Norfolk. We’re launching it in Newport News. We’re also going to launch it in Orlando.

Why are we doing this? Because it’s a great way to meet marketers and we want to host the marketing community. So we’ve already identified a venue. We already have our first speaker. Our first date is going to be in February. Every single month we’re going to be going down to Orlando and hosting a meetup.

Reaching More via Podcast

Now a couple of other things that we’re doing. This flash briefing and podcast, what I’m recording right now, this is a big part of the strategy, not only will help us grow locally. It’s going to help us grow beyond local, right?

This is for all intents and purposes, a global broadcast. Now, who’s going to listen in? Very likely, just people that are English speaking, very likely people that are just in the United States, but this is a big component of our strategy to get the word out about who we are and what makes us different.

Advertising – Because It Works

We’re also going to be advertising very aggressively with hyper-targeted ads online. So basically instead of taking profit that we’re making right now and putting it in my pocket and taking it home with me, it’s going to write back in the business. Now I’m not saying that we’re not making a profit or this is an excuse to say we don’t actually make a profit.

We’re making a profit, but we are making a conscious decision to spend it in advertising because we know that advertising will work.

Attacking LinkedIn Organically

Then one last thing is very heavy engagement in their LinkedIn. Linkedin is a community of business owners, business managers. It’s our ideal clients. So we are going to invest very heavily in engagement on a daily basis. We’re going to be posting. We’re going to be trying new things. We’re going to try to really get our views per post way up from what they are right now. It’s just a place to be.

It’s a global and national platform and we need to dominate it. So we’re going to expand your bigger markets. We’re going to launch this podcast. We’re going to have a flash briefing and go down to Orlando. I mean, we’ve got a lot of things going on on advertising, LinkedIn. So that’s our strategy in a nutshell. This is how we’re going to do it in 2019.

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