Stop. Advertising. To. Everyone.


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What is happening Marketers Anonymous! This is Erik Olson, your host.

We just got done shooting a whole bunch of videos (32 to be exact) in our conference room. We are creating pre-roll for Youtube. Now in Youtube, you can show a particular pre-roll video based on what that person who’s watching the video queried in Google.

Google owns Youtube, and they shared data. Imagine that.

Cross-Platform Hyper Targeting

So if someone is in Suffolk and they’re looking for an advertising agency, that’s what they Googled. Then we can show them a video that we recorded where we specifically address if they’re looking for an advertising agency in Suffolk.

So based on the service, we’ve created a whole bunch of different variations of that ad. You can replace advertising agency with SEO, with web development, all of the other things that we do and that matches in correlates with what they queried in Google.

And then based on the location, we can actually say the location that they’re at in the video so that when they hear it they’re like, “Wow, this person is talking to me!” It’s amazing.

Stop Advertising to Everyone

Don’t Advertise Without Precise Segmentation

So what you want to do in advertising is not create one ad that is super generic that addresses all of your services, and it gets blasted out through mass communication on TV, radio, or print to all of the people because it’s going to be watered down. And since it’s watered down and it, it addresses everyone when in fact addresses no one well.

So always think about how you can segment your services, your products, your customers, and your locations so that when you advertise, the messaging is on point.

Again, instead of thinking of advertising to the masses, you want to narrow it down to one specific person and talk directly to them. That is effective advertising.  

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