The Best 2 Ways to Qualify Leads

2 steps to qualify leads

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So, when we get a lead, we actually have a sales process. Going way back in the early days, we didn’t have any kind of process. We just winged it every single time. And as you would expect, the results were well inconsistent at best.

So over time, we started to write down what the steps were in our sales process, and what I want to do is step you through a couple of the initial steps.

Now when I refer to the entire process, we’ve actually laid out not only our sales process, but the process of onboarding a client and then fulfilling their needs on an ongoing recurring basis.

But the part that I’m going to focus on is the top of that process, which is the first two steps.

The Best 2 Steps to Qualify a Lead

2 Steps to Qualify Any Lead

When we get a lead, whether it’s by an email or a contact us form or a phone call into the office or we meet someone at an event, the very first thing that we do is we line up a 15 minute phone call.

Now, the person may have called in or we may happen to called them, then we can do it on the spot, but before we do anything else, we need to have a phone call. There’s a couple of reasons that we do the phone calls.

Why We Always Do a 15-Minute Phone Call

We need to understand exactly what’s going on with their scenario, their situation, and we need them to tell us. We cannot assume by looking at their website or by hints of what they give us in a contact us form that we understand the situation they’re in.

We have to have them tell us. We should never ever assume that we know their problems. They know their issues. They need to tell us. Even if we have a really good idea, they put it in their own words and tell us what their goals are. If we don’t know their goals, we can’t help them.

So one thing is to understand what the scope of the problem is. The second thing is really to validate that they’re going to be a good fit.

What are they willing to invest in us?

If they won’t even get on the phone for us because they just want a quote right off the bat, which people do request that quite often – they just want a quote or they want a list of our services and fees. They’re not a fit for us.

They’re shopping the price out there just looking for the cheapest. And the reality is they’re probably not even going to do anything. So it’s kind of almost like a test to get them on the phone.

If they’re willing to set aside 15 minutes, and we do tell them it’s going to be a 15 minute call, they had to invest a little bit of time. If they won’t do that, they’re not a fit for us.

How to Qualify a Prospect on the Phone

During the call though, we ask them questions like, “What is your budget?” Right? We ask that up front because what we found over time is that as people are telling us all of the things that they need, that they want, we’re coming up with a list of services and we have in our minds how much it’s going to take to pull that off and to get them where they need to be.

Let’s say that we think it’s $5,000 a month, but in their mind they’re thinking $500 a month, and I’m just throwing these numbers out. But clearly there’s a big difference between $500 a month and $5,000 a month. If that’s the case, we are not on the same page. Right?

So this, the goal of this 15 minute phone call is to make sure they’re interested enough to actually spend a little bit of time to talk to us and that there’s a fit when it comes to things like money, scope, and then also just the services they need.

A lot of times these services just don’t fit. So that’s the 15 minute phone call.

Lead Qualifier 2 – Review Their Performance

The second step is we do a deep dive into what they are doing online. So we look at their website. We look at their SEO, and we look at their website. We test several things out for things like website speed, how the website looks.

We look at their social. We want to make sure that they’re posting on a regular basis. They’re using hashtags, and they’re getting engagement.

We look at their advertising. We look at their competitors’ advertising. We will get their actual ads. We evaluate if they’re showing up for Google searches.

We’re doing all these things. It takes about an hour for us to produce this report. Once the report is produced, we present it to them, but I’m not going to go into the actual presentation right now, but we create a written report and it takes a lot of time, right?

It takes an hour, at least for us to create this report, more like an hour and a half, and a lot of times we’re kicking it around internally, so more than one person can be involved.

So for that reason, we don’t want to create these unless we know there’s a fit. So I’m going to back up to the first step. That 15 minute phone call. Super important. Before you start engaging with a potential customer, you have to understand what their goals are and you have to make sure they’re a fit.

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