The Secret Sauce for LinkedIn Prospecting

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Erik: Erik Olson || Chad: Chad Stenzel

Erik: I’m here on site with Chad Stenzel with Sandler Training!

Chad: Good to see you Erik!

Erik: Good to see you too. There’s coming on the podcast. So Chad, why don’t you tell us just briefly about your business, what you do and what you focus on?

Chad: Sure. Sandler Training is a franchise model, and what I do is I work with individuals, salespeople, entrepreneurs, and the organizations as small as 10 to 15 employees up to thousands of employees. And we help them develop sales processes, sales skills and management skills as well.

Finding Ideal Clients on LinkedIn

Erik: Cool. All right, so this is Marketers Anonymous. This is all about marketing, how you market your business. So what I’m wondering is how do you go about marketing your business to your ideal clients?

Chad: So the thing that I’ve probably focused on the most most is we’re really targeting my ideal client. And so my ideal client is really owners in a large organization, maybe a CEO, even possibly a vice president. Although to be honest, that the higher that I find that I can call into an organization, the more successful I am.

Chad: So I always target them. And what I’ve probably used the most effectively in marketing is LinkedIn. That’s where I’ve targeted the most. I’ve certainly done some Facebook and other social things as well, a little bit of traditional print media, but LinkedIn for me has been where my magic.

How to Leverage LinkedIn’s Data

Erik: Now Internet is great because it gives you the title and gives you the company and insight into the company. But so you reach out with a connection request on LinkedIn if they accept it, then at that point, what do you do?

Chad: So I’ve actually done this a couple of ways. So can I give you some secrets? These, none of these are original to me, but I always try to find people smarter than me and then copy them. That’s, that’s the shortcut I’ve found.

Chad: So a one of the things that I’ve done is through some third party applications, I found the ability to reach out and just sort of ping somebody’s profile. So I ping a profile so they can see that I’ve looked at them.

Chad: What will happen is as these happen enough, some people look back at me and occasionally what I then get is a connection request from that person.

Chad: So as I get the connection requests for them, I’ve got sort of an automated response that I get, which is, “Hey (first name), I appreciate you reaching out. Usually when people connect with me, it’s for one of two reasons. Either they’re hoping I can help them with something or they’re just trying to expand their network. Which one of those would be for you?”

Chad: And so I take that response and build up the relationship.

Erik: That’s really good. So you are using Linked Helper?

Chad: That’s the tool I’ve used that I use the effectively. It’s probably been three or four of them. I’m testing out some different ones.

Prospecting at Scale with LinkedIn

Erik: It’s really nice because you can connect a scale, but what we found is that you don’t want to send out anything that’s salesy related at all with that connection request. It just needs to be a legitimate connection request, and it needs to be as personalized as possible. But then taking it to the next step is a little difficult.

Erik: I like your approach because you ping them by having the software look at their profile and they get notified by Linkedin.

Chad: You don’t have to notify them. Linkedin does that work for you. And then when they come back to, you’ve reversed the roles, right? So usually it’s you as a salesperson pursuing them now they’re pursuing you.

Erik: Smart. I like that. So personalize it. Get them to come to you by pinging their profile. Love it.

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