Why Alexa Is Worth Betting On

Why Alexa Is Worth Betting On

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So past couple of days I’ve been really talking a lot about the Amazon Echo here in the office. We’ve been diving more and more into it and looking at more and more stats and just reading about more things that it can do. Amazon is putting an awful lot of focus into the platform.

Alexa Overtaking Microsoft and Facebook?

As a matter of fact, just this morning I was reading through some industry newsletters, and I saw that Microsoft’s Cortana, which is their voice system (which I’ve never used because I can’t stay in Microsoft products anymore) actually interfaces with Alexa.

So Microsoft has effectively thrown in the towel, and they now work with the Alexa Platform, which is pretty amazing. Also, I was looking at the Facebook Portal, which is a relatively new offering by Facebook, which is a video display camera for video calls and it has Alexa built in as well.

So I was super surprised by that. Now, I think the reason that Facebook would have done it is because they just don’t want to invest in that kind of a platform right now. And there’s another option, which is Alexa.

I mean certainly they could have partnered maybe with someone else that does this kind of voice AI. But Alexa seems to be the front runner of this point for sure. So I was super surprised to find out that both Microsoft and Facebook have seeded the voice market over to Amazon and Alexa. So certainly a lot of movement there with integrations with third parties.

Alexa: The Greenfield Opportunity

Another awesome thing about it is in the flash briefing ecosystem, there’s roughly 8,000 flash briefings. Right now, I’m guessing about a quarter of those are inactive, but it’s very difficult to tell it because Amazon doesn’t actually publish stats, but there’s also at least 20 million Echos that have been sold.

So 20 million Echos and only they’re only being serviced by about 8,000 flash briefings right now. Seems like an amazing opportunity. We’re all in on it.

So this podcast and I’m recording right now that you’re listening to is actually meant for a Flash Briefing primarily and for things like iTunes and Google’s podcasts secondarily, but we’re going to be really pushing the Flash Briefing big time, and we’ve got some other plans for some other flash briefings as well.

Why We’re Betting on Alexa

You could turn your lights on if you integrate in a wifi switch or an outlet. I mean, there’s just some really cool stuff going on here. You can order frickin’ paper towels. You can do everything you want all through this ecosystem. I think it’s amazing.

I see it springing into life everywhere and with Facebook Portal and Microsoft Cortana, which is in Windows. It’ll be on watches if it’s not already. Really, really soon. It will be in cars. Alexa is going to be in a lot of places in the future, and it’s just going to save us time. It’s a winner.

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